THRIVE – Empowered Embodiment

THRIVE – Empowered Embodiment

Something is keeping you from living your truth fully. You want to own all parts of yourself and be powerful in all aspects of your life. You are ready to step up to your greatness and live like the sovereign you were meant to be.

Maybe you recognise yourself or your problem in one or more of the following statements:

You stay quiet and don’t speak up. You know but don’t fully live your “truth,” your essential self. You are stuck in “doing practices”, stuck in the “should’s”, “need to’s” and “have to’s”. You fear to “take the leap” and to fully let go of mental control. You are holding on to a sense of control and old programming that is stuck in your mind. You are holding on to expectations of yourself, your partner or your life. You are hesitant to manifest, and you are playing small as the vessel of Consciousness that you are.

Maybe you recognise yourself and your desire in one or more of the following statements:

You long to fully live in freedom and love. You want to trust your Inner Self, life and the Universe unconditionally. You want to see the world as your playing field to express and manifest what is truly alive in you. You want to love your life and feel deeply that life gives you what you ask for and that you receive what you need to grow. You long to be able to detach yourself without dissociating from painful events. You desire to honour your greatness with all your weaknesses. You want to step out of drama dynamics and codependency in all your relationships.

In these sessions, we will work on using your inner wisdom and intuition to navigate your life. To know deeply that life is here for you, never against you. To feel happy, content and appreciation for your life in all its forms. You will learn to trust life and your intuition more than your own mind. This will create an extraordinary relationship with yourself and others. You will be able to unify radical self- celebration with your desire to grow and live your life beyond the black/white duality. To own yourself in all your messy glory.

I am an ally of the LGBTQ+ community and welcome people of all genders and sexualities. I strive to be anti-racist in my practice and try to facilitate a safe space for everyone.

My intention is also to support those in need of extra support regardless of identity, race, background or financial circumstances . Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you are in need of guidance and cannot afford my fees. Special rates apply when needed.