When we work together, I will use these different modalities.

Humans are complex beings. We are an accumulation of how we think, feel, behave, what we eat, how we move, our subconscious, etc.  Even though we often address our parts as separate, all parts of ourselves are intimately connected and inseparable, our minds, bodies, energies, our relationships and our environment. You cannot change one part by itself without it influencing other parts.

One simple way of describing this interconnectedness is to look at yourself as an onion, with different layers. When you work on, and change one layer, other layers will be affected. To truly transform, meaning there is lasting change, all layers of yourself, will be involved. For example; if you release built up stress, your breathing patterns will change, the quality of your sleep will become better so your metabolism improves and with that your sense of self will change, such as more clarity about your boundaries, which will influence your relationships and so on.

I use a few different modalities to access these different layers that we can apply and adjust as we go. Counseling is always an integral part of this process.

The different layers:

The Physical layer: your physical health, physical condition and resilience, the way you look and feel in your skin, your diet and digestion, muscle tension and physical stress & trauma

The Energetic layer: your breathing patterns, sleeping patterns, your vitality, your relaxed state baseline, your energy levels

The Emotional layer: your emotional state, how open-hearted you feel, your boundaries, your desires, needs and wishes

The Wisdom layer: your “gut feeling”, intuition, your ability to let go of control and surrender your mind, your “being mode,”

The Bliss layer: your eternal energy, the power of being.

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Interested in working with me?

Interested in working with me?