About me

My life has always been guided by intuition and curiosity.

I haven’t always been conscious or woke. I think I can honestly say that I really “woke up” at 40. But before that there were two things that led me to this pivotal point in my life where I did become conscious; I have always been curious, and I have always followed my intuition in life.

Moving around the globe, from The Netherlands to Canada, the USA and the UK have influenced and shaped my life and my sense of self. It made me aware of my cultural heritage and conditioning and living in different cultures (even though western) helped me to become more aware of my own identity in many ways. For example, having homebirths in the USA and Canada were unconventional to say the least, where in The Netherlands homebirths are considered normal. I learned to be okay with not following the status quo, or cultural rules and follow my own path.

During my years abroad, I discovered the practice of yoga and dedicated myself to the training of asana and the study of philosophy. When I was introduced to Tantric philosophy, it resonated so deeply that it captured my heart. It has been my main source of inspiration and practice ever since.  Yoga helped me to see myself through the lens of psycho-spiritual concepts, the causes of suffering, the ego and the concept of a soul or a divine essence and much more. Yoga showed me different paths to empowerment and self-liberation.

Since 2002, I have practiced many methods of yoga, I have practiced Tantra, emotional bodywork, relationship, sexual & intimacy practices, ego (shadow)work, trauma release work, coaching, women’s practices, and food lifestyle methods/practices.

My work is based on all these trainings and my own experience of it. Everything I pass on is something I have practiced myself.

I now live just outside of Amsterdam with my husband Chris, my youngest daughter and dog Eddie. I live a very “ordinary” life with a very extraordinary experience. I still love to be on my own, I am still curious, and I am still following my intuition.

I hold certifications and diplomas and have completed the following trainings:  Yoga teacher training (Yoga Alliance E-RYT500hrs), Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Teacher (YACEP), Certified Anusara Yoga® Teacher training, TRE®provider certification, Women’s Temple facilitator (Awakening Women), Body Dearmouring (Gaia method), Keto and Intermittent Fasting coach (Dr.Berg  keto coach training) and many more embodiment and consciousness development trainings.

Interested in working with me?

Interested in working with me?