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I work holistically When mental or emotional issues are addressed, it is important to include your body in this process too. This is why I use different modalities (look at “my approach”)

But I may also advise you to do other therapies or bodywork. I have a broad network of excellent professionals that I recommend can give you extra support or depth in your process where you may benefit from this.

Honesty & Clarity

Our foundation is honesty & clarity When we work together, I will mirror you, ask you questions and give you clear feedback. Mutual honesty is necessary for you to be able to self-reflect and make lasting changes. In most cases, you already know the answer to the question you have, but you might be afraid to go there. I will take you there if you are committed to your process.

What you bring to your sessions is half the work.

What you bring to your sessions, is half the work I ask you to show up in your sessions and your process. I ask you to be committed to your work with me. At times you will be challenged, feel resistance, or experience the pain of change. You can expect this discomfort as part of the healthy process of growth.

That can be a bit scary. In those moments, I will also be there for you. When you commit yourself to this process, you will get the very most out of your time with me. You will have my full attention, support and expertise. And the space to take the right steps at the right time.

It is my deepest wish to meet you wherever you are in life.

It is my deepest wish to meet you wherever you are in your life to support you, guide you and mirror you so you can find more clarity and carve out your own path to empowerment and authenticity.

We are doing this together.

Interested in working with me?

Interested in working with me?