• “I was facing a really sticky pattern in my life, even after a lot of spiritual practice I felt lost, Sandra reminded me to trust everything that was unfolding right before my eyes and I felt understood and relieved. Thank you for keep reminding me and putting a true mirror in front of me”.

  • “The sessions have helped me to take responsibility for my own wellbeing, my growth and my happiness. I feel more free, I enjoy my freedom and my life feels in flow.”

  • “One of my biggest insights in my sessions with Sandra is that I can follow my own intuition even more and show myself as I truly am.”

  • “Heaven on earth. My body thanks me. I thank you.”

  • “After the first session, I suddenly felt like I did have a place in the world and was not alone in having some really uncomfortable feelings about myself”.

  • “Incredible wisdom threaded in the practice. Thank you for the important reminders, techniques for resilience, and sharing the practice”.

  • “Thanks for your compassionate wisdom...I can feel exactly that in my body and heart now…”.

  • “The session gave me a lot of clarity, it showed what was playing out in my head and how my body reacted to that and right afterwards I felt much more grounded and stronger.”


  • Having my coaching session with Sandra is something I look forward to every week. She is loving, open, yet firm. She intuitively knows when to ask further and when to just 'be there' and hold space. The coaching method she uses and embodies in a very natural way is challenging at times, but thankfully, it's fun at the same time. It helps me to live a life I love.

    Irina V
  • “Sandra guided me inwards in a very calming way, even beyond my feelings, so I could access a deeper layer in myself. A layer in which so much more was hidden. The sessions felt so safe and trustworthy. I have experienced unexpected deep meditations that gave me space and insights in myself. Sandra is a beautiful open woman with so much experience and wisdom. She really knows how to listen and give you insights.”

    Irma van der Kaay
  • “Sandra’s energy is so authentically warm-hearted and caring. She always made me feel totally safe, giving me lots of space to be myself.  I have a problem with letting go of past situations and had a big challenge with honoring my feelings as being valid. Sandra reassured me that I was in total charge of anything that needed to change or stop in these sessions. Sandra, knowing I had difficult problems, still reached out to help me with caring, trusting compassion. She has a unique way of making you feel relaxed and calm. I felt completely comfortable sharing things I was embarrassed about as if she were a long time trusted friend.“

    Cindy Johnson
  • Your empathy and compassion, your full listening ability, and many of the helpful concepts and tools you offered me. It was so precious both personally and didactically for me to have the 6 sessions with you.


Eating, Lifestyle and Trauma Release

  • “I came to Sandra because of tension issues from my PTSS. I am not used to working with my body. Sandra taught me that body and mind are connected. Her patience and judgement free guidance is very pleasant and help me to open up. After a TRE® session, I feel much calmer in my head and I often sleep better too. I am so grateful for Sandra.”

    Charlotte vd L.
  • “I have had coaches before for different areas of my life. Sandra was the best one for me. In her sessions everything came together (social life, work and food). The sessions and approach were very complementary. I have experienced TRE® as really pleasant. I think what contributed greatly was the connection Sandra and I built up and I could be completely honest in our Zoom sessions. I also really enjoyed the frequency of the sessions. This allowed me to take the steps I really wanted to take. I had a mega eye opener about the effects of food on me; I was considering taking medication for my ADHD (to focus better) Now I know I can address this in a much better way; adjusting my food lifestyle.”

    Julia Dongstra
  • “I was experiencing a lot of physical tension from the corona situation and was worrying a lot. I felt somewhat desperate, angry and sad about my life at that moment and was suffering a lot from the uncertainty of the future. I feel a lot better after the sessions because I am more aware of where my own feelings come from and how I can get a grip on them. With clear answers and the TRE exercises from the sessions I have more insight into my physical wellbeing. And Sandra’s advice helps me to deal with myself with more lightness, love and selfcare.”

    Cornée Hordijk


  • "The sessions with Sandra have helped me to separate expectations and reality. To look at what was really going on between my ex-husband and me, To become clear on my own desires in a relationship and to see what is really present in my relationship. Our sessions have helped me to take responsibility form my own wellbeing, my growth and my happiness. How painful at times this was. I now feel freer, I enjoy my freedom and my life feels in flow. In places I felt stagnation, openings have emerged and I have a clear view on what I want. That is just great."

  • “When we chose for an open relationship in our marriage, we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy ride. Sandra stood beside us in a few of the crucial moments, with empathy and wisdom, and shared from her own experiences. She views conscious relationships from a spiritual perspective but is very grounded and open about the pain that can be felt at times. This is how she could give us a perspective that supported both of us overcoming the inevitable obstacles that go with the territory of an open relationship. Not based on fear but on trust and curiosity”.

    Marc and Sharon

Yoga, Body and Emotional Work

  • “This class was cathartic! I went through a lot of anger, rage and heat today but towards the end everything settled. Love the mudra! I will keep practicing it throughout this challenging day that I have ahead. Namasté!”

  • “Thank you for a very calming and different yoga class. You gave me enough time to really feel the difference after each pose during the class. I feel both energized and open afterwards. Feels like my energy is flowing in a new way. Magic! ”

  • “Sandra, thank you so much. What a delight to practice with you. I feel full, grounded and open after this wonderful class. Thank you for creating this series, it is beautiful. You are an inspiration. Blessings to you, namaste.”

  • “Thank you again - your classes have got me through the illness and subsequent death of my mother - not sure what I would have done without them.”

  • “Wow, this was just beautiful! Thank you so much, for this interesting practice! (….) all of a sudden I got so emotional, with tears and everything. I heard before that emotions can be stored in this area and that some poses can release them, but I always thought of it as a myth. 😉 Anyway, thanks again, I really love your style of teaching and this practice did a lot for me, mentally and physically!”

  • “Hi Sandra, I might say I enjoy your classes so much! Thank you, Sandra, for creating this deep feeling in my body through your wise words. The breath work has helped me so much to release new subtle tensions. This kind of tensions there do exist but are not so much perceptible! That does create a smile on my face...thank you for your presence in your classes! Namaste!”

  • “You are such a gifted teacher...another wonderful class...it is short but so powerful and more importantly insightful. I will repeat this again and again (just as I have been working on my pelvic floor) because it does bring awareness on part of my body that I never felt before. Keep safe. Thank you! :)”

  • “I just did this practice and found it to be excellent. Your attention to detail is more than I have ever had in a yoga class and I really appreciate that. I liked that you described the anatomy so I can understand what is happening in my body.”

  • “Yet again your classes bring me home and back to the essence of movement. this work really helps my digestion.”

  • “Thank you Sandra for another lovely class! As the title says it was empowering to think about everything we do, not just in yoga poses, in terms of taking responsibility and relishing all the potential we have. I loved too the beginning where you remind us that every obstacle on the path becomes a stepping stone! I’m so glad I chose this class today, I feel so grateful and ready for whatever shows up! Namaste!”

  • “Dear Sandra, thank you for this great class! I have been suffering for a year from SI joint pain and after practicing only once the pain improved significantly! I cannot say how different walking without pain is. Namaste.”

  • “I had to check the time to actually believe an hour had passed. This practice gave me some amazing release and insight into my body. Thank you for the peace and rest you are transmitting... <3”.

  • “You're an amazing teacher, Sandra. Thanks for this one and each of your wonderful classes”.


Interested in working with me?

Interested in working with me?